Below is a summary of some of our recent projects:

Asia Works: Supplied current monitoring units and bus bars for data center application worth USD 2.1 million.

Century Development Corp. SSP Phase I & II - Class "A" Multi-Storey Office Bldg: Contracted to supply ozone water treatment equipment, cooling tower, duct heaters, radiators, thermo diffusers, VAV boxes grilles and diffusers, etc worth USD 2.5 million.

Silicon Integrated Systems Corp: Supplied electric steam boilers and hot water boilers worth USD 750,000 for Clean Room Application.

Sagami General Depot: Contracted to supply computer room A/C, booster pump, plumbing items, PVC, copper, black steelpipes, floor/roof cleanouts, ductheaters, exhaust fans, grilles, diffussers, fire dampers, volume dampers etc worth USD 550,000.

Dental Clinic Camp Foster Bldg 449: Supplied equipment worth USD 600,000. Items include Trane AHU, Carrier A/C units, dental air compressors, vaccum pump, VAV boxes, LON Controls, pumps, exhaust fans, steam generator, water softener, grilles, diffussers, fire dampers.

LEXZ-07-1823 Install HVAC Comm B 400 Kadena AB: Supplied pumps and accessories, 3 way valves, exhaust fans, Armaflex insulations, DDC controls, VAV boxes, Carrier controls worth USD 150,000.

New Popeyes Food Facility Kadena AB: Supplied AAONS/Carrier AHUS, exhaust fans, kitchen hood, controls worth USD 100,000.

Repair 390 IS OPS Bldg 3519 Kadena AB: Supplied Carrier chiller, AHU, pumps, exhaust fans, VAV boxes, grilles, diffusers, plumbing items, pipe insulation, etc work USD 75,000.

Continental Terminal Bldg: Supplied all electrical equipments including switch gear, conduits, wiring, light fixtures for approx. USD 2 million.

Repair Barracks, Camp ZAMA, Bldg 332, Japan: Supplied wood / steel doors and frames with hardware worth USD 125,000.

World Trade Center Bldg, Taipei, Taiwan: Supplied 120,000 CFM / 125 HP Plenums fans worth USD 51,000.

Cenco Refinery: Involved with purchasing approximately USD 25 million of equipments required for a USD 250 million start-up refinery.

Hyatt / Hilton: Supply of all outdoor lighting, tennis court lights, dry-cleaning machines, ice-machines, lighting fixtures for Governor Wing, ceiling tiles, bathroom fixtures etc.

Hongkong & Shanghai Bank Building: Supply of entire material required.

Taipei Engineering & Development Company (TEDCO) - Software Science Project: Total supply for a USD 2 million contract. Including but not limited to Electrical duct heaters, Expansion Tanks, Ozone Water Treatement system, Radiator Coil to custom fit caterpillar generators, all grilles & diffusers, volume control dampers, custom designed AHU mounted duct heaters, etc.

Champion Engineering: All equipment to a class 10 clean room project. Supplied electric boilers, pumpsets, generators, water coolers, HEPA filters, etc.

Kailay Engineering - Data Center: Supplied materials to Kailay Engineering for data center project for (I ASIA WORKS). for a USD 1.6 million contract. Including all bus-bars and current monitoring systems

Go-In Environmental Co. - Phase II Of Software Science Project- 2001-2003: Supply for a USD 500,000 contract. Including floor boxes, expansion tanks, air separators, ozone water treatment system, etc.

Involved with many other projects to supply de-aerators, boilers, air-conditioning chillers, heat exchangers, refrigeration valves and accessories.

Siemens Indonesia: Supplied all sub-station materials like disconnect switches, hardware items, grounding resistors, transformers, all for 115 KV and 230 KV. Sub-stations complete Minas, Bravo and Parenbaru. All meeting Caltex specifications.

Pacific Engineering: Supplied 300 tons of air conditioning parts complete with chillers, pumpsets, all electrical etc.

Camp Kinser: Completed approximately 450 Tons Refrigeration system including unit coolers, Centralized Refrigeration systems, all electrical including MCC, Panel-board, Motor starters, Conduits, Refrigeration Piping, Insulation, wiring, Valves etc.

South Korea: We have supplied various equipment to the tune of USD 20 million for over past 20 years. Details can be furnished on request.